Coxboat Scullers In Pasig River

A group of coxboat rowers and scullers enjoying a good weather and still current. Shot from Makati vantage point, what is seen is the Tivoli Garden in Hulo, Mandaluyong. The current of the river, which is going towards the Manila Bay, tend to be fast during the cold season. The cold season in the Philippines starts in November.


Land of Food

This is just one of the rice fields in Pililla - my home town in the Rizal Province. 
It's sad that the Philippines is losing her agricultural lands to give to structures like residential houses, industrial plants, commercial districts and other non-sense parks like golf courses where only a few benefit. 

If we don't save our agricultural lands, there will be no more place to grow our food. Soon enough, there'll be hunger. I wish that there's a law that in every land area, only 30% can be converted into man made structures.
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An Empty Bench Speaks Waiting

  I recently visited my ancestral town, Pililla, in the province of Rizal. Villa Lorenza is a resort owned by the Benavidez family with whom my family is very much associated with. I took a shot of this empty bench and added a blurry effect around it.

I love photographing an empty bench. Photographs like this speak of hope and waiting.
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Tagaytay Highlands

This is my recent travel to Tagaytay Highlands. Though not naturally made, the landscaped man-made nature is a beauty to behold. But still, nature-made beauty remains more impressive and amazing.

This is one of my favorite photos. Equipped with a digital camera, I used the self-timer feature to shoot myself. None of these photos were digitally edited.

Tagaytay Highlands

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Boracay Secrets

This is my recent visit to the beautiful Boracay Island. With me in the photo are Rona Bunda, Almi Nuguid, Irene Sy, Haids Bongon, & Marie Buhain. Not in the picture are Ichu Rabe & Robust Montealto. These are just a few of my friends in YUPPEACE - an organization that provides psychological and spritual formation.

This was my second time in Boracay. My fellow Yuppeace went to Boracay to plan on the foundation that Ichu was planning to put up -- the Connect the Dots Foundation, an organization that provides scholarship to needy children in the Philippines.
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Boracay Secrets

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