Boracay Secrets

This is my recent visit to the beautiful Boracay Island. With me in the photo are Rona Bunda, Almi Nuguid, Irene Sy, Haids Bongon, & Marie Buhain. Not in the picture are Ichu Rabe & Robust Montealto. These are just a few of my friends in YUPPEACE - an organization that provides psychological and spritual formation.

This was my second time in Boracay. My fellow Yuppeace went to Boracay to plan on the foundation that Ichu was planning to put up -- the Connect the Dots Foundation, an organization that provides scholarship to needy children in the Philippines.
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Boracay Secrets

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Anonymous said...

Tony, thank you for preserving the pictures and the memories of Boracay... yeah, and the secrets too! Rona